Coffee Maker

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Prepare your favorite drinks - espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato - at the touch of a button. LatteGo cappuccino maker will give you delicious drinks with the finest milk froth. It is installed and cleaned in no more than 15 seconds
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Philips EP5040/10 Coffee Maker:

  1. 6 drinks
  2. LatteGo Premium
  3. Pianoblack
  4. Aquaclean

Key features

  • Six drinks to choose from (cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe with milk, espresso, coffee, americano) - at your disposal
  • Drinks at night, latte macchiato, coffee shop, espresso, coffee, americano - at your disposal
  • AquaClean filter, allowing you to cook up to 5,000 cups without descaling the cleaner
  • The choice of the depth of the drink and the degrees of grinding

Six excellent drinks to choose from, including coffee with milk - at your disposal

  • Prepare a variety of drinks for any occasion: refreshing espresso, classic coffee or milk-based coffee drink - using an automatic coffee machine, you quickly and effortlessly make the perfect coffee

LatteGo cappuccino maker quickly creates the softest milky foam

  • Enjoy coffee drinks with the finest milk froth. A LatteGo cappuccinator at high speed whips the milk into a circular chamber and then delivers the delicate foam directly into the cup without splashing and at the optimum temperature.

Two elements, not a single tube - LatteGo cappuccinator is extremely easy to clean

  • Our milk supply system consists of two elements and does not include a single tube or hidden components. It can be cleaned in less than 15 seconds simply by washing it under a tap or in a dishwasher.


Weight & Dimensions
(221 x 340 x 430mm) - 7.2kg
Cord length
> 100 cm
230 V
Water Tank Capacity
1800 ml
Capacity Waste Container
15 servings
Coffee Bean Capacity
250 g


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